Frequently Asked Questions

You’re in luck! I’m currently booking clients. Let’s chat about your project!

To reserve your spot on the copywriting schedule, I require a 50% deposit. To get started, send me a message here. Then, we’ll find the right package, sign a contract, and I’ll send you an invoice to reserve your spot.

I want to make sure each client and project gets the attention it deserves to have stellar results, so I don’t work with more than 4 clients per month.

A digital nomad is a person who is location independent and can work through technology. Generally, we require a decent wifi connection, a laptop, and a phone. Some digital nomads (like me!) create their own businesses, others work as part of a hired remote team or telecommute for other reasons.

Originally, I’m from the Chicago area, but I grew up just outside of Detroit, Michigan and graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Journalism.

In the last few years, I’ve traveled through and lived in North and South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. My mom watched this video to (kind of) understand what I’ve been up to…

I don’t typically meet clients in person. Currently, I’m working as a digital nomad, so I may or may not be in your area at any given time.  I’m happy to arrange a phone call or a Skype meeting with clients.

I’m from near Detroit, Michigan, in the U.S.A. but in the last five years, I’ve spent time exploring North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Absolutely! I take as much time as we need to get to know you, your business, your target audience, and your voice so that your copy not only sounds like you, it sounds like the most effective version of you to meet your goals.

Yes! Every project can be customized to your needs, so if you’re interested in other services, don’t be afraid to ask me. I don’t list all services on my website because my focus is on copywriting and blogging really well.

My most common additional projects are blog management, SEO and keyword research, email nurture sequences, newsletters, and social media posts.

Copywriting packages are tailored to each client’s needs, so depending on the size of your website, the time commitment can vary. My general packages typically require 4-6 weeks from contract to completion.

If you require a speedy delivery, I can offer a rush delivery for a 25% fee. Let’s chat and see what we can do!

Blogging packages can be customized to each client’s needs, but prices start at $800 per month for a 1-year commitment. Let’s chat about your blog today!

Although all copywriting packages can be customized based on your needs, website copywriting packages start at $2,150.


Absolutely! To secure a spot on my calendar, I typically require a 50% payment up front and the other 50% is due upon completion of our project.


I price my work by package or by project, not by the hour. I’m all about finding the right package for your writing needs and your budget, so let’s chat today about what works best for you.

If your question isn’t answered here, you can check out the full FAQ page here, or send me a message through my contact form to hello@nicole-wildman.com.